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Southern Approach

1.  Take Route 17 to exit 64 (Owego/RT 96 Ithaca) on to Route 96 North, driving northward through the village of Owego toward Ithaca

2.  Be Alert! After you leave the village of Owego, Route 96 North turns left at a traffic light and crosses a tressle bridge (known locally as Turner's Bridge).

3.  While continuing north on Route 96, you will slow to 45 mph in the small town of Catatonk (noted on map with the blue pin)

4.  Just as you exit Catatonk, the speed limit increases to 55 mph, but you will be turning left shortly thereafter on to Catatonk Hill Road. At this intersection you will see on the left a pair of large, white propane storage tanks. Continue up Catatonk Hill Road, traveling west for 2.2 miles.

5.  Near the top of the hill, the road forks. Bear left on to Tholen Road (a gray farmhouse and two barns border this intersection). You will proceed down Tholen Road for 1.4 miles. Then, turn right (northerly) on to Straits Corners Road (Noted as Route 302 on map). Continue on Straits Corners Road with its several sharp curves for 2.5 miles.

6.  Continue on Straits Corners Road with its several sharp curves for 2.5 miles.

7.  Shortly, after passing a small lake on the right side of the road, you will turn right on to Raish Hill Road.

8.  Continue up the hill for 0.8 miles. Field Afar is the yellow house at the top of the hill (to the left). Please stop in the white farmhouse (to the right) for check-in.

9.  These directions may sound complicated, but the drive is rather simple and scenic. Field Afar is just over 6 miles from the Route 96 turn-off. In "city terms", you will be going up the street and almost around the block. In "country terms", you will follow Route 96 as it meanders alongside Catatonk Creek in the valley. You will then cross up and over the ridge into the next valley traveling along a tiny stream and then back up the ridge to Field Afar (Note: There is a road along the top of the ridge with a 1.2 mile section unpaved that is frequented by deer, turkey, fox and other area wildlife. You may enjoy either walking or taking a leisurely drive down this road once familiar with the area.) 

Northern Approach

1.  Follow Route 96B South, past Ithaca College for approximately 18 miles. 

2.  As you enter the town of Candor, turn right on to Mill Street at the Citgo Gas Station ("96 Connection").

3.  Mill Street is very short, ending at Route 96. Turn right on to Route 96, heading West toward the town of Spencer.

4.  After driving 1.2 miles, turn left (south) on to Tuttle Hill Road.

5.  The left hand fork is Raish Hill Road and Field Afar is 1.5 miles ahead.

6.  Most of this last "leg" is though woods on a packed gravel road. The woods open onto pastures and a large farm.

7.  Field Afar is the yellow house on the right side of the road across from a smaller barn. Please continue to the white house for check in.

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